Harness the full revenue potential of your digital video library

Allow your content to work for you

Grow your brand presence and engage your audience

Using Crowdlinker’s platform, companies can create and host a customized Netflix-like experience for viewers using their own content. Businesses can serve targeted content based on the demographics and interests of their viewers. Appealing to the specific interests of a viewer leads to increased engagement and viewer loyalty, which in turn unlocks revenue for the content creator.


Drive demand and increase conversions

Our proven algorithm pushes engaging content recommendations to viewers. These viewers then pull in new viewers by sharing their favourite videos with friends using sharing buttons directly within your branded and personalized website. Happy, engaged viewers are more likely to return to your site, which means increased loyalty and in turn, revenue.


Syndicate content and grow your audience with ease

Maximize the impact of your social media footprint with easy single-click video distribution to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Leverage inline playback, video end cards, and YouTube Sync to funnel viewers back to your website.


See the metrics you care about most

Data is at the core of our solution, we deliver actionable metrics so that you can create the most successful, profitable content library. The data available at your fingertips will enable you to make the right content acquisition decisions and understand what type of content performs best.


Unlock the full revenue potential
of your content

Crowdlinker enables a business to capture 100 per cent of the revenue potential associated with their content, compared to other options on the market.


Your video: anytime, anywhere, any device

Users can take control of their viewing experience, anywhere, anytime. Crowdlinker’s platform offers consistently high-quality, reliable, smooth video and multi-bitrate playback on any device.


Personalized playlist

Our proprietary recommendation algorithm tracks audience [viewer] behaviour to build a robust interest profile for each viewer, ensuring the accuracy of recommendations and opportunities to cross-promote content. In addition to the algorithm, users can also control their experience. Viewers can subscribe to their favourite shows to automatically display new episodes within their playlists. Friends can recommend videos to one another, which appear at the top of each user’s playlist.


Access videos offline on the go

With the click of a mouse, users can download videos to view later. Anyone headed on a long flight or taking a car trip with kids will appreciate the convenience of taking their favourite videos on the go wherever and whenever they want.


Seamless viewing experience

It’s never been easier to watch what you want, when you want, even on the go. With our Handoff technology, viewers can pause the show they’re watching, grab their tablet or smartphone and pick up exactly where they left off.


Customized smart recommendations

Give your audience better control over the content they see. As users like videos they want to see and dismiss those that they don’t, the accuracy of the video recommendations they receive will improve.


Keep kids safe with powerful parental controls

The viewing experience is enjoyable for viewers of all ages. Our platform allows parents to take total control of their childrens’ viewing experience. It has never been easier to create a safe video environment - parents can define the type of content their child should (or should not) see.


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